Subj: New Fan
I just watched NOTHING (got it from our public library). It was truly wonderful, breathtaking film I've seen in a long time including the ones I watched last night...REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE and ARMACORD (at double speed without sound). Thanks for your big spirit, wide and wry humor and profound tenacity and courage.

Subj: 'Nothing' was great.
I hope Evan is reading this e-mail. After seeing your film, Nothing (or as you called it in your movie "this film thing" ) I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. Your film was real and funny and most important, true.

Subj: 'Nothing' was something. I wasn't sure if I'd rent it at first, as I only had about a dollar cash on me at the time. But, then I figured what the hell, if it sucks I'll just try to rent something good the next day. Well, it didn't suck. I found some parts really hilarious, and others tongue-in-cheek thought-provoking. Fun movie. Dollar well spent.

Subj: Nothing
I went to Rocket Video last night to find something. Instead, I found Nothing. It was engaging, charming, thought-provoking, and thoroughly beautiful. Congratulations on your accomplishment. The Cherokee say that answers are fish, questions are the river. The fish sustains for a day, the questions sustain for a lifetime. Congratulations on discovering the river so early in life... I've always been one to recognize and appreciate the kindred traveller. Please add me to what must, by now, be a very large number of people who have enjoyed your perspective on the river of questions.

Subj: Is "Nothing" for sale? I rented it... how do I get it to own?

Subj: Howdy
Evan Your movie rents often. I literally just watched it and noticed the web info, so I decided to pass on the news of the video's availability and my compliments. I enjoyed looking into your life.




Subj: Saw the Flick
Wow, I really really liked it!! I am definitely a fan!...I usually go for that type of stuff...but I liked it even way more than I thought.... Anyway, I thought that it was really really funny. I wish there was more stuff like that out there!!! Your family was really cute to watch! And that Jason guy is hysterical. The whole thing was funny. Anyway, I am definitely a fan...there is not enough funny stuff like that out there!!


-I watched the trailer clips for "Nothing", and "Baggage" and I have to say that you have a tremendous amount of talent. Being a filmmaker myself, I can only hope to achieve the same amount of creativity you contain. I wish all the best for you and the success you definitely will obtain.

-Reading YOUR story about "Baggage" makes me feel like a brother to you as I went through many of the same things. Your comments about art/commerce mixed with the emotional, psychological and spiritual aspects of what it takes to sail a ship through a storm is the same. I appreciate and can relate to every word and story on your website!

NORMAN'S PENIS (Original Talk Show Pilot)

-monster: where's the IFILM DVD of all the norman's? is it for sale?

-Craig: This film, like the other Norman films, clearly presses buttons... love/hate, YES/NO, good/bad. As for myself, I look forward to more of Norman's Pitiful Life.

-Frankie: The production quality was kind of low budget, but it's still hilarious. Looking forward to see what this guy does next.

-Jeff: I thought this was awesome. I love the trashcan seen. His other stuff on the site is great too!