Hello Media is a strong creative force dedicated to producing and distributing media that both enlightens and entertains. The company is currently focused on unscripted television series and DVDs.

Nestled away in the San Fernando Valley, we consider ourselves a safe-haven from what is often considered a "cut-throat" industry… We are attracted to those, like ourselves, who are trying to make a positive difference through films, videos, music, and the written word.

Unlike the machine factory of Hollywood, we create media with soul - that means putting our passion, integrity, and personal touch into every project we take on and every business partner we deal with.

Think of us as the Jerry McGuire of the media world with the business savvy to back it up... and forgive the pun but yes, "You had us at hello".

Most of our projects are funny with a quirky off-beat sensibility, but they usually have one or more of the following components - spirituality, education, strong story, life lessons, the uncovering of some kind of hidden truth, challenging society's norms, and of course, just plain old good PR.

Founded in 1992 by Evan Aaronson, the company got its name from the tried and true "Hello" phone greeting. Originally operating out of an apartment in West Los Angeles, Mr. Aaronson saved costs by using one phone line for both his business and personal life. This way, when he answered the phone, "Hello", it could work for either one.

The formula worked and since then, the company has gone on to give its signature to DVDs (Warner Brother Records - The Used and Less Than Jake), music videos (Kottonmouth Kings - Capitol Records), television pilots, and two feature length films. Along the way, it has forged many partnerships with high profile entertainment companies. In the last year, Hello Media entered into the distribution business, and it helped create the new home video line for the publishing giant, Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Marrying strong brand names with independent films to
create a financial win/win for both parties is just one example of how the company has tried to operate ahead of the curve.




It has always been one of the first to try on new styles and spot up and coming trends before they register on the radar. In addition to the music DVD wave, many of the issues raised in the company's first feature film, Nothing, were almost unheard of when the film was shot in early 1992. In later years, these themes and stylistic devices showed up not only in all forms of the media, but in pop culture, lifestyles choices, and more recently, the current trend of reality television. The company was also one of the first to get involved with video on the Internet as its animated project Norman's Johnson was in a bidding war during the early days of the dot com boom.

But with all its past and future growth, Hello Media remains a small company and true to its roots - the homegrown style, the quirky vibe, and the goal of breathing life, soul, humanity, and integrity back into the entertainment business.

The founder of Hello Media.