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Hello Media currently has 3 divisions.

1) We develop and produce both non-scripted and scripted content
for the TV and the Web. Many of our projects feature the social media
talent we manage.

2) Boomopolis.com focuses on the management of social media talent
for brand sponsorship, public appearances, merchandising, licensing,
You Tube channel management and more.

3) Booopolis.tv provides TV and radio opportunities for brands, small
businesses and startups - talk shows, reality shows, documentaries
and commercials.




Strategically aligning brands & small businesses
with social media's top influencers (Vine, Instagram,
You Tube, etc.) We get businesses quickly in front
of millions of engaged fans.

We also manage social media influencers for brand
deals, licensing, You Tube, TV development and
speaking engagements.


TV and radio opportunities for brands, small businesses
and startups - talk shows, reality shows, documentaries
and commercials.



Hire videographers, editors and production companies for your
corporate, event and web videos.



Web Properties and Apps

Go Massage - wellness directory

Meals with Mentors
matchmaking service for mentors
and mentees

Web Show Central - online video directory

Creative Outpost - artist directory

FixUp - iPhone app which allowed
users to make video calls with
repair professionals and get
virtually guided through their fixes.
It debuted at TechCrunch Disrupt
in 9/12.

Feature Length Films


Music DVDs
Less Than Jake - Anthem

The Used - Maybe Memories
(Platinum Selling - Warner Brothers)

Bernadette Moley (Sarinjay Ent.)

Kottonmouth Kings (Capitol Records)

Web Series

Norman's Johnson (Wirebreak Entertainment)

Corporate Videos

Dorland Artists Colony
Duke of Whirl (Award Winning)
Many More

Created a video label for the publishing giant, Chicken
Soup for the Soul.
clients included: EMI Records,
City Explorer TV, Nucleus
Interactive and many others.

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Hello Media is dedicated to creating media that's ahead of the curve - often satisfying niches before they go mainstream.

We put our passion, integrity, and personal touch into every project we take on and every business partner we deal with. Most of our projects are both enlightening and entertaining and have one or more of the following components - self improvement, humor, education, strong story and life lessons.

The company got its name from the tried and true "Hello" phone greeting. Originally operating out of an apartment in West Los Angeles, Evan Aaronson saved costs by using one phone line for both his business and personal life. This way, when he answered the phone, "Hello", it could work for either one. 

The formula worked, and since then, the company has gone on to give its soulful signature to website properties, music DVDs, documentaries, feature films and music. Along the way, it has worked with numerous high profile clients including Microsoft, Disney, Facebook, Paramount, Yahoo, Nike, Hilton, Miley Cyrus, Jane Lynch, U.C.L.A. and many more.


*Media exec w/ expertise in: Creative Direction, Strategic Partnerships, Online Marketing, Talent Management, Writing/Producing TV, Brand Integration, Social Media and Speaking.

*Experience in entertainment, digital media and streamlined entrepreneurial ventures. Known for capitalizing on trends before they hit the mainstream.

After attending UC Berkeley and graduating from NYU Film School, he quickly became one of the pioneers in the fields of online video, music DVD documentaries  and independent film. He even earned himself a gold and platinum record for producing Warner Brothers’ Maybe Memories for the band The Used.

His first feature, Nothing, was one of the first mockumentaries to be distributed nationally and not only earned him positive reviews from Roger Ebert and AOL Critics Choice, but soon became an underground favorite. It’s style was a precursor to reality TV. In an effort to marry independent films with strong brand names, Aaronson used his second feature, Baggage (starring Mariette Hartley and M. Emmet Walsh),to create the home video line for the publishing giant, Chicken Soup for the Soul.

During this time, he also worked as a writer/producer/director for shows like ABC’s The Bachelor and The Discovery Channel’s Monster Garage where he directed one of the highest rated episodes of the season.

When it comes to digital media, he has created quite a few niche directory websites including Web Show Central, Creative Outpost and Go Massage. Once called “The Starbucks of Massage” by Massage Magazine, Go Massage has thousands of clients as well as providers. It regularly appeared on the first page of Google for many key search words, and through the site, Aaronson also developed many technological breakthroughs like pay per lead technology and the use of texting in directories. Some of the more recent websites he has worked on are Meals with Mentors – a website matching mentors with mentees and Boomopolis.com - a talent management and influencer marketing company .

Previous Speaking Engagements
Silicon Beach Fest, StartUp California, The Learning Annex, Building Inroads to Technology, The Video Software Dealers Association, Boomopolis Workshops.

Press Mentions
Aaronson has been featured on Socal Tech, LA Business Journal, Idea Mensch, Tasty Trade, TV.com, CNET.com and the Virgin website. Additional press includes Entertainment - Variety, Citypaper (Baltimore), San Francisco Weekly,Chicago Tribune, DVD Premieres / Go Massage – Channel 9, Outside Magazine, Massage Magazine, Day Spa Magazine, PlasticSurgery.com, Daily Candy, City Confidant (Seattle).

Digital Media
Boomopolis News
Boomopolis Partners w/ Social Media Influencers & Brands
Socal Tech (Meals with Mentors) - 2012
Socal Tech (FixUp) - 2012
Idea Mensch - 2012

LA Business Journal - 2012
Tasty Trade (Radio) - 2012

Traditional Media
Variety - Chicken Soup for the Soul Video

DVD Premieres - Chicken Soup for the Soul Video

Virgin Megastore Interview for NOTHING
San Francisco Weekly Article on Feature Films
AOL Critics Choice Review for NOTHING

Ifilm Ranking